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How to download Aadhaar Card Online?


Aadhaar card is one of the unique identification cards issued to citizens of India by UIDAI. Aadhaar is a 12 digit unique identification number that serves as identity proof and Address proof. Having an aadhaar card downloaded to your phone or laptop makes it easy to access aadhaar number without carrying the physical card always with you. Many online applications and services require aadhaar number as identity or proof of address. So having e-aadhaar is beneficial and time-saving. Please follow the below steps to download aadhaar card online.

Is Mobile number compulsary to download Aadhaar card online?

Yes, the mobile number is mandatory for aadhaar download. You should have your mobile number linked to your aadhaar.

Is the Downloaded Aadhaar password protected?

Yes, the file is password protected.

What is the password to open electronic copy of Aadhaar?

The Aadhaar PDF Password will be in 8 characters. Combination of the first four letters of your name (as in Aadhaar) in CAPITAL letters and Year of Birth in YYYY format.

Example: Your name is RAMESH RAO Your Year of Birth is 1995
Then your e-Aadhaar password is RAME1995

Is e-Aadhaar same as Physical Aadhaar?

As per Aadhaar Act, e-Aadhaar is equally valid like Physical Copy of Aadhaar for all purposes.

Steps to Follow

Go to Aadhaar download page on UIDAI website.

Select Aadhaar Number or Enrollment Id or VID

If you have your Aadhaar number select Aadhaar Number else select Enrollment Id or Virtual ID.

Download Aadhaar Card Online


Enter your 12 digit Aadhaar number, you can see a checkbox as I want a Masked Aadhaar. In Masked Aadhaar your aadhaar number is not displayed it is masked, only the last 4 digits are visible.

This can be used in biometric verification, where aadhaar number is not required. Leave it as it is if you need Aadhaar number on the pdf. Type the captcha and click on Send OTP.

Download Aadhaar Card Online


You will receive an OTP on your Aadhaar registered mobile number. Enter the OTP received and fill a quick survey provided.

Download Aadhaar Card Online


Once you fill the survey, click on Verify and Download button. Your electronic copy of Aadhaar will be downloaded.

Download Aadhaar Card Online


The Downloaded PDF is password protected, give First Four letters of your name and year of birth as password. Thats it you have your e-aadhaar ready.

Download Aadhaar Card Online

Please let us know if you face any issue downloading aadhaar card online. Share to Friends and Family.


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